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Taylor Financial Planners

We provide advice on all aspects of investment, whether commencing or reviewing a portfolio of shares, managed funds, ETF's or property.

We will take into account your personal circumstances and stage of life to develop the best tax and estate planning strategies.

The portfolio advice could be for a unit trust, Superannuation or Allocated Pension account as well as aged care advice and estate planning. We can also give advice on setting up investments for your children.

We also have platforms for clients wanting to run their own SMSF's and with reduced audit fee costs.

Our planning advice will take into account income, liabilities, your risk profile, family situation/needs and through to pre and post retirement strategies.

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Investment Strategies

We are able to offer investment strategies to improve your tax position (subject to your risk profile) and through regular investment aim to build your financial security and wealth over the longer term.

TFP offers the advantage of providing a number of investment platforms, ranging from very low cost products with a limited range of features to those offering the full suite of investments and features and with the ability to include both Australian and international shares.

We actively follow an extensive range of fund managers and sector funds and provide advice to assist in building your investment portfolio with reviews suggested annually.

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Super And Allocated Pensions

Superannuation is the perfect investment strategy for building retirement assets. This is particularly so where your income is above $37,000 and your marginal tax rate is 34.5% including Medicare, because Super fund tax is only 15% or 10% on realised capital gains. Our advice will depend on your individual circumstances, cash flow existing commitments

Although Super cannot be accessed until retirement age (other than through hardship provisions) your Super can be rolled to Transition to Retirement Allocated Pension from your preservation age.

The advantages of the AP is that the AP currently pays no tax, capital gains are currently tax free with the minimum AP payment of 4% (for under age 65). For those over 60 the AP payment is currently tax free, for those under age 60 the AP payment is taxable at your marginal tax rate less a 15% tax rebate.

We can advise on strategies to salary sacrifice to Super to the Super cap which includes SG (where appropriate)

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Pre And Retirement Strategies

It is crucial to pre plan your retirement and it is essential to plan to accumulate sufficient retirement assets to maintain your lifestyle in retirement. The easiest way is to contribute additional Super contributions (preferably by salary sacrifice for tax advantages) over your lifetime as this evens out the ups and downs of the market and gives you full benefit of compounding over long time periods.

A good pre retirement strategy, say 10 to 15 years before retirement is to salary sacrifice to the maximum cap including SG (dependant on you overall circumstances).

We can discuss other strategies if you have assets with unrealised capital gains or substantial monies outside of Super. These discussions would ideally be held on a regular basis well before retirement

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Risk Protection

For many clients they will have sizeable mortgages (particularly when starting off) and/or dependants. The major asset for any client is their future earnings potential.

To provide for any unforeseen events there should be death and TPD insurances to at least cover mortgages and debts plus a buffer for future needs.

Similarly Income Protection Insurance is important as this type of insurance will provide you with up to 75% of your insured earnings in the event that you were unable to work for an extended period of time (subject to underwriting, waiting period and benefit period)

We can discuss which insurances can be held and paid for from your Super

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Estate Planning

We can discuss your wishes for estate planning and put these in place with Binding Death Nominations or Reversionary Pensioner nominations for Super and Allocated Pensions.

Consideration need to be given to succession planning whether that be for a business or for who will take over the administration of your estate (we would suggest some payment for the Executor as it can be onerous and time consuming), particularly where the Executor is acting for other family members

We can also discuss your requirements for your Will or any updates and this can be liaised with your solicitor.

This is a complex area as it needs to take into account split families, children of each party, there may be special requirements for some beneficiaries and the Will may include tax considerations with provisions for investment by grandchildren (or for the benefit of grandchildren).

For larger estates and with grandchildren there may be tax and strategy planning advantages in the Will becoming a Testamentary Trust which can run for a further period of 80 years.

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Getting Started with TFP

By calling or emailing with an overview of your requirements, we will then email through a Fact Finder, FSG and Risk Profiler (or these can be downloaded above) for you to complete and email back. This will set out your basic information for us and we can arrange a time to meet and discuss your position and requirements

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Tips for Young People

Parents should consider investing now on your child's behalf (even towards university fees) e.g. $5,000 invested at age 3 would double approximately every 10 years if earning an average of 7% in interest per annum.

Age Capital
3 $5,000
13 $9,835.76
23 $19,348.42
33 $38,061.28
33 $38,061.28
43 $74,872.29
53 $147,285.13
63 $289,732.13

Assuming the account grows by 7% pa (not taking into account inflation, taxes or fees), $5,000 would grow as shown in the table.

For the youngsters: In your free time, take on extra paid chores around the house e.g. cleaning, painting, gardening, lawn mowing (all the jobs that parents hate!) or part-time work.

You should aim to save at least 20% of your gross income. You can seek our advice when you have $5,000 to invest for the longer term.

Starting Your First Employment

You should aim to save at least 10% of your gross income starting from your first pay packet. Have your pay paid direct into an online cash management account or high interest savings account with no entry or exit fees (interest on daily balance).

Once you have a sufficient savings balance, you can look at investing into more active investments if you have a longer term investment horizon (we can advise)

These strategies can have a large impact on your wealth and financial security. This is partly why some clients on moderate incomes accumulate more than those on double the income by retirement age i.e. 'they pay themselves first' and with sound financial advice, they make their money work for them - 7 days a week, 365 days a year' particularly if invested for the longer term into active investments.

By starting early you will enable your money to compound for a longer period, e.g. an extra 10 years could see your capital double.

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